Eduardo Nunez

Eduardo Nunez obtained his master’s degree in process control from Laval’s University in 2005 where he was a member of the Process Observation and Optimization Laboratory (LOOP). He obtained his B.Sc. in electrical engineering in 1999 from Peru. His passion is Operational Excellence in Real-Time through automation, process control and optimization to achieve safer, environmentally friendly, and profitable operations. He has been designing, implementing and sustaining from regulatory to advanced solutions in mineral processing plants for more than twenty years. He specializes in plant instrumentation, soft sensors, PLC/DCS configuration, high-performance HMI, data historization, alarm management, OT, modelling & simulation, regulatory control, APC, data analytics, machine learning, and IA. His main contribution to the industry is developing and showcasing the benefits of a Culture of Process Control and Optimization. This culture is spreading to other sites. He has been recognized by the Canadian Institute of Mining (CIM) for his contributions to the mineral processing industry. He is author of papers published in international conferences and journals.

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